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Bruce Starke

Always at your feet

Bruce Starke - Always at your feet

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BRUCE STARKE was established in 1899 and has a long pedigree within the Mats & Matting industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our focus is to provide all our clients with exceptional products and service together with a high level of customer support in all area’s.

BRUCE STARKE has made a commitment to provide high-end products for both the domestic and commercial environments and has built a reputation as a quality leader.

We are dedicated to maintaining a leading role in improving products and services for our clients and overall to be your first stop for Mats & Mattings.

Our products can be found in Hardware and Houseware Retail shops and stores as well as in Carpet and Flooring Outlets.

Also Garden Centres are becoming increasingly successful in selling our Mats.

We will be pleased to supply you with our detailed Dealer List and make sure you will be able to purchase  our Mats & Mattings.

Bruce Starke


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